Saturday, July 21, 2012

Travels to Florida

We are currently in Kissimmee, Florida for a wedding in the family {my in-laws side}.  There are a bunch of us staying in a huge house rental, some have been here all week, but just the weekend for us.  It has a pool!

Just a few photos to enjoy.  I haven't been taking too many.

We decided to leave in the evening to drive the eleven hours to our destination in hopes that Lucas would sleep majority of the way.  It worked out extremely well.  The above picture is at a truck stop in the middle of the night.  We needed to gas up and of course once the car stops he has to wake up. 

First things first.  This place has stairs.  Our house doesn't.  Didn't phase him a bit.  He just started climbing like a Pro!

A little car ride with his cousin, Desiree.  She's just three weeks old and always sleeping.  ;)

No Saturday morning is complete without a little early morning play time.  Lucas and I are trying to play {quietly} while Dada sleeps in the bed.  Everyone else is asleep including some on the couch downstairs, so we couldn't go down there to play.

Just a little Disney cartoons too while Dada sleeps.

And now we are about to go for another round in the pool!

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