Sunday, July 22, 2012

A Florida Wedding, in July, Outdoors...

Yesterday after I last posted we spent more time at the pool.  I even got a little more sun than I usually do.

Later on we all got dolled up and headed over to the venue for Hubby's cousin's wedding.  Here's my little baby doll!!

We waited inside the bar/restaurant area of the golf club to stay cool until we needed to be seated for the outdoor ceremony.  Then we were seated and eventually the music started.  I only took my phone again and it quickly ran out of battery since I had used it for GPS earlier. 

** Mr. & Mrs. **

And here's a quick shot of the Sun beating down on us.

And then we went back inside into the reception area.  By then my phone battery was hanging by a thread and I didn't get any photos.  Except for Lucas trying break dance.  :)

Also, I had to get a quick shot of the name cards -- Lucas had his very own!   I thought that was great.

Once I put the phone down we did our thing.  Cocktail hour = Rum Runners for me.  Yummy food and cake {red velvet!} and some dancing.  I even got to slow dance with both my boys at the same time.  <3 

I know some family got more photos with their cameras, especially a family photo of the three of us.  I'll just have to do a follow up post with those later on.

Now we are close to packing up and making the good ole drive back to NC.  So long Florida.

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