Monday, July 2, 2012

I'm just a Girl

We visited Charlotte this past weekend again and I took advantage of some badly needed girl time with my friend, Holli.
Saturday morning we went and had our nails did!  It was only the second time EVER that I had a manicure and pedicure.  The first time was for my wedding and I have to say I never really remembered the experience because I must have been in a daze.  This time around I remember every tickle as they scrubbed my feet.  Hehe.  I have to say I plan on not waiting another seven years for my next mani/pedi.
With it being the Fourth of July week I opted to go with a sparkly red color.  Don't ask me what color it was, I didn't pay that much attention.  Holli had actually picked out about three to four colors and had to narrow it down.  I just went up to the wall and picked out the first purdy red I saw.  I'm simple like that.  :)
After that we just went and grabbed some lunch from Panera Bread.  Yum.
The next day, we met up in the afternoon to watch MAGIC MIKE.  Hell yeah!  =D  =D  =D  =D  BIG SMILES!  I don't think I have to say much more than that.  ;)
And while we were at the theater at Concord Mills we did a wee bit of shopping right after the movie.  I say that because I rarely ever go shopping and I actually had my arms full of bags by the time we were through.  I did get some good deals!

Check out my red toes in my cute new shoes!
Now to back it up a bit, Saturday evening we went to my friends' annual Fourth of July cookout.  I believe this is the third I've gone to now.  Lucas got to see fireworks!!  Although next time we need to remember to bring his cool ear muffs because they are a bit loud.  And boy was it a hot one this weekend.  North Carolina was well over 100 degrees the last few days.  Holy Humidity!
Also this past Saturday, Lucas turned EIGHT MONTHS OLD!  He's such a big boy, and definitely wearing out his grandparents.  They are in for it this upcoming weekend when they get to keep him without us...

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