Friday, March 30, 2012

Well Done Please?

This was the second time I botched this!  I really need to get myself a little deep fryer.  I always get the oil way too hot when pan frying and I burn them!  The outside of course gets all black and crispy without cooking the inside a bit.  [Although Hubby just split it open, fried the inside, and actually ate them.  Eww.]

If you haven't ever tried this before then you really need to check out this recipe, Cap'n Crunch Chicken.

I would ALWAYS get this whenever me and my coworkers would go to happy hour at Fratello's in Oshkosh.  Of course now they have to call it by their own name but at the time I frequented this joint they actually did call them by its true name.  They serve it with the BEST honey mustard sauce too.

If only I could recreate it myself.  
One time.  


And since I posted this I was feeling nostalgic and wanted to add some pictures I had of fun times at Fratello's!

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