Thursday, March 29, 2012

Alphabet Scramble: P is for... Part Two

This is Part Two of the Letter P Edition of this week's Alphabet Scramble.  Check out Part One here.

And I have to retract what was said about Peas in the previous Part One post.  The past two days at daycare he hasn't wanted anything to do with them.  I'm putting Peas into the Failure category - to try again later on.

Pregnancy - Now I'd have to say overall I probably had an easy pregnancy. I didn't get morning sickness aside from a few times where I felt a little queasy, but it was more or less just as if it was running in the background and fortunately never came up (pun intended). I'd say I started showing early enough thanks to my First and Second Breakfasts that I enjoyed while at work. So I broke out the maternity pants/shorts as soon as I could.
           I was very careful during my first trimester to avoid all the "bad" stuff that you are told about. I had absolutely no caffeinated beverages. By the time second trimester came around I was a lot more lax. One caffeine drink is perfectly fine each day so I definitely enjoyed my Dr. Pepper's when I could. And I would have my share of fish each week.
           I started to feel Lucas kick the week I was due to get my Gender Ultrasound. I was enjoying Burger King for lunch and treated myself to a Hershey Pie for dessert, and all of a sudden I felt this fluttering off to one side. He sure enjoyed all that sugar too! For the bulk of the pregnancy he stayed in the same position. He was always head down with his butt up toward my right side and legs off the my left side.
           My sleeping troubles really became an issue at the end of my second trimester and hit full-force throughout my third trimester. Between not being able to sleep comfortably and the heartburn I would get in the middle of the night made my last 1-2 months the worst. My feet didn't really start swelling until the last two weeks I think - and now I've permanently gained a half shoe size. (Sad because my cowboy boots fit me perfectly before!)
           The last few weeks of course were unbearable to me because I was VERY ready for him to come out. I just wanted to be comfortable again. Unfortunately he was was too cozy (and stubborn) so he was approximately nine days past due. Hubby and I did a ton of walking that final week. There are several malls nearby and we walked three of them hoping to get him to descend. I remember having people ask the infamous "When are you due?" And as the time went by it was "In two days..." "Yesterday..." "Last week..." People were awed that I was wobbling around the mall. Eventually we had to give Lucas the push he needed and I went in for Induction.

Belly Progress!

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