Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Snot Rags

This is an image of my bedside table from the past few days.  And this is actually cleaned up a bit!  Today was trash day and I'm sure we've got one bag worth of just tissues in the dumpster.

I've been sick about a week now with this cold.  And the last four days were miserable.  I'm glad I was sick on the weekend so I didn't have to miss too much of work but I still missed two days.  And I have to give lots of love to Hubby for his help.  He managed to get Lucas to daycare the past two days and take care of him while I tried to recuperate.  Of course as soon as they both got home in the evening I had to get my hands on my baby and give him big hugs.  Hubby got one too.

Lucas has had a cold and cough also.  If you remember we were starting him on solid foods last week.  We actually tried Squash the first two nights which he didn't seem to like.  But I hear the same reaction would've occurred regardless of the food choice.  But with him being sick he's had a loss of appetite so I've halted solid foods for now.  Except for the rice cereal.  We've still been giving him a little bit at night in his bottle.  So we'll keep that up for a few weeks until his appetite is back on track.  Then it's back to the Squash attempt!

I also broke down and got a Baby Bullet.  I plan on trying Bananas first and then maybe Avocado next.  Since neither of those need to be cooked and they are soft enough to blend.  Should be the easiest for a first-timer.  

I can't wait until I'm snot-free!

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