Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Alphabet Scramble: P is for... Part One

This week's SECOND edition of the Alphabet Scramble is brought to you by the letter P.

This one has been split into two segments.  Stay tuned for Part Two...

Pacifier - Lucas got started early on with his pacifier thanks to Hubby. A little earlier than I had planned but Hubby was trying to quiet him. It's so cute when he falls asleep with it and then it falls out. He'll still be doing this sucking face with his lips and tongue. I've been using the Nuk brand for most everything (bottles and pacifiers) because the nipples are supposed to be closest to the breast shape. I picked up the gummy kind that Nuk makes later on and it's taken him some more time to get used to those. They are denser I guess and have a different weight to them but he's getting the hang of those too.

Pajamas - He's still sleeping in his warm footies and/or a onesie within a sack. But now that it's Spring it's finally warming up and he's able to wear lighter footies or even just a gown. I just don't like him not having anything on his feet but he just kicks off his socks so easily. But this picture is of a cool set of Cars pajamas I picked up for him when he's a little bigger!

Peas and Sweet Potatoes - We just started on peas this past weekend which I made with the Baby Bullet from a frozen bag. The first try he didn't eat a whole lot but he didn't make a Yucky face so I considered it successful. He's been eating it at daycare fine too. Personally I think peas are yummy! Before that he had sweet potatoes but I had just bought the Gerber packs for him. He did love those too. And even if he didn't I would have eaten them myself - YUM!

Fake Poop
Poop - This is very plentiful and since he's started solid food Lucas' poops have come in different varieties. We've even had some solid poops! Boy to watch his face strain when he's doing those... :) 
[I had to have a Poop picture!]

 Stay tuned for Part Two!!

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