Friday, January 13, 2012


Well, we've finally got a few leaks in our Size 1 diapers to warrant moving on up to Size 2.  Lucas, you are getting so big!

Unfortunately, we had just purchased a case of the Size 1 diapers the other week thinking he would at least get to the end of the month with them.  So now I'm left with 120 diapers left over.  But I am able to gift them to a recent new mom who will definitely put them to some good use!

Fortunately, I was given a small pack of Size 2 diapers so I've got a good start to change him over. Those things are so much bigger than the Size 1's though.  We're going to have to fold them over at the top I bet.

Newborn - Size 1 - Size 2
(Huggies Little Snugglers)

One other good thing is that now we can get our diapers by the case at Costco and save a few more bucks.  The smallest they sell are the Size 2, exception being a bundle pack of Newborns, Size 1 and wipes that they sell every so often.

Let's see how long he'll stay in the 2's.  They really do grow up so fast!

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