Friday, January 6, 2012

A House to Make a Home

HGTV!!! I find myself watching it ALL the time now.  Both Hubby and I are fascinated with all the shows, and there is a variety these days.  We love to watch all the homes getting beautified with either a $1,000 makeover or a $40,000 renovation.  That's how bad we want to get our own house again.  So this channel tends to be on all day long on our tv.  So much so that after three hours of inactivity we get the message that the Dish receiver wants to turn itself off.

Our first home purchase was an old farmhouse when we lived in Wisconsin.  It was a bit of a fixer-upper and we had every intention of doing just that.  But other than a little bit of paint and a small section of peel-and-stick flooring we never did anything we had planned on.  Little did I know Hubby was NOT the fixer-upper-type.  Now me on the other hand, I've never done any reno projects but it's kinda in my blood.  My Grandfather built his own home in New Jersey and my Dad is in contracting.  So I have an itching to get down and dirty, tear down some walls, and do some redecorating. 

Here are some photos of the farmhouse.  It was nearly one acre and had a huge commercial garage in the back of the property.  That was the selling point since we needed a home for Hubby's drag car that was not surrounded by neighbors who might complain about the noise.

Entry of House Deck
Backyard IMG_0720

But now we are back in North Carolina and finally trying to get settled in our new area.  We really want to invest in a home but I need to get back out in the workforce first, for two reasons.  First, because we need the money, of course.  And second, depending on where I land a job will determine what area we look at planting our roots.  We'd like to find a neighborhood in between both workplaces.  (I've always been on the bad end of the deal having to commute the furthest to work.)

Of course, Hubby would like to once again have a large lot of land with a big garage for his drag car.  And I'm not against that, but I would like to be in a neighborhood as well now that we have little Luke.  I want him to be able to play around with lots of other little kids and not be in the middle of no where.

And as far as looking into fixer-uppers again, "Forget about it"!  I won't make that mistake again now that I know Hubby isn't up for the challenge.  Unless, we have money set aside to contract the work out.  (Oh Daaaad...)

So move-in-ready it is.  Do you think when the time comes we could be on House Hunters or My First Place?  (They don't have to know it would really be our second.)

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