Thursday, January 12, 2012

Maternity Leave Coming to an End

Looks like I'll be going back to work.  That deserves both a :) and a :( .

I've accepted a contract Buyer position for six months at a Biotech company in the area.  It's a really great opportunity.  Not only will I get MONEY, but I'll gain some experience in the pharmaceutical industry.  I have none whatsoever and I'd say at least 50% of the industry here is pharmaceutical.  So I'll be able to open a lot more doors after this position ends.  I sure hope so anyway.

So that's the :)...

The :( is the fact that, obviously, I'll be going back to work.  Rather, I will not be spending my entire day with Lucas.  Although, I will have more "freedom" and get to have more adult socialization, he'll be dropped off with strangers to take care of him.  Daycare. 

We visited a really nice place yesterday that Hubby and I both really liked.  And fortunately they have an opening for him.  Another place I had called that we were going to look at had a waiting list.  So again, fortunately we found a spot for him.  Speaking of the daycare, he'll be in the infant class with majority girls!  Out of ten, he will be one of only three boys.  I sure hope he doesn't get himself a girlfriend too soon.

I hope to have one more week with him before both of us go off to a new adventure.  He'll be twelve weeks old by that time.

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