Wednesday, January 18, 2012

I don't need sleep

It looks like we've started our three month growth spurt a little early.  Lucas just would not sleep for very long last night.  He probably only slept for about four hours when he started to stir just before 2am I think it was.  I laid him on my chest for a bit and he seemed to rest great there.  So I move him back to his bed and lay him down but NO, MAMA, I DON'T WANT TO LAY DOWN HERE! 

I just couldn't bring myself to get up just yet to feed him.  He didn't seem hungry, just that he wanted to sleep with Mama.  He usually stirs some time between 3-4am when I feed him then.  But eventually 2:45am rolled around and I gave up.  Fed him and put him back down about 3:30am.  He finally went back to sleep, but only until about 5:30am.  Well guess what DAD, you always get the 6am feeding so it's your turn!

By 6:30am I am yet again roused from my sleep with Lucas stirring.  Hubby had already fed and changed him and supposedly he fell asleep so was put back to bed.  Well he didn't sleep long at all then.  So I turned on his little night light/music turtle and he fought sleep but eventually got a little bit more.

I think about every 15 minutes he woke me up...

Until finally it was 8am and I couldn't take it anymore.  We got up and went into the living room.  Time to get the tv turned on and play.

Fed him again around 9am, this time he had a little extra and took it all.  My growing boy...  It is now almost 10am and he is finally dozing.  Let's see how long this nap lasts.


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