Wednesday, January 4, 2012

366 Preview

I will be doing the popular "365 Day Photo Challenge" that so many others are doing, except that this is a Leap Year so really it's 366 days.  I've decided to use to make it an actual daily photo calendar.  And I can't commit to actually having all my photos posted each day so I will put up my updated calendar as I go.  So my committment would be to have each month's calendar posted monthly, but I may have it up as often as weekly as a snapshot.

Of course I take tons of pictures of Lucas either on my phone or with our new camera so you better believe that most of the 366 pictures will be of him.  But I may throw in a few others here and there.

So here is a preview of what's to come - the last three days (first three days of the year!).


  1. Yay!! Isn't this a fun way to be a crazy mom?!?!

  2. Definitely. Crazy and maybe a bit obsessive. :)


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