Thursday, January 26, 2012


Thank Goodness for GPS!

If I accomplished anything today it's that today I officially made it to and from work without using my GPS.  The first day of work this week of course I needed my directions.  Day 2 and 3 I gradually weaned away from it.  I had the GPS on but worked my way toward trying not to use it by having it on and running so I could take a quick peak as needed.  So today, Day 4, I didn't even turn it on!  And I didn't get lost.  Fortunately it's not too bad of a commute but I'm still learning the area.

Even though I have Verizon I don't bother using their Navigator.  I have a smartphone so of course I use Google Maps - it's FREE.  I use it just about every day either for directions or to search for places nearby.  Definitely 5 of 5 STARS in my book.  :)

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