Wednesday, August 1, 2012

First of the Month

It's that time of month again.  There is a lot of significance to the first of the month.
The worst being that awful Rent check we have to write.  Ugh.  Like pulling off a Band-Aid!!  {Fortunately that closely follows the end-of-the-month Pay Day.}
On the better end it means, for me, a fresh new pair of contacts.  Ahh...  My eyes thanked me this morning once those fresh new contacts were placed onto them.  So refreshing!
It's also the time that we do a few things around the house like replace the air filter {ooh, gotta remember to do that since the Hubby is out of town}.
We also try to administer the pets' flea prevention and heart worm medicines at this time {yet another thing to remember to do tonight}.  And with that comes special canned food meals for them!  They enjoy their treats.
And for Lucas, it usually means that he just turned a month older.  Just on Monday he turned 9 months.  Which also means that he's beginning his tenth month of life now!  {Only 17 years and 3 months left to go...}  Hmm, I still need to think of a tag line for his monthly photos... 
          And this just so happens to coincide with his new wardrobe that I have to go through.  He's entered the 9-12mth sizes and I haven't yet sorted through all those clothes to de-tag and wash, and then pack up the old.  I think I'll save that to do this weekend perhaps.
The first of the month is also when I usually update my blog's banner since I started changing those out monthly.  Of course, I haven't gotten around to that yet...been a little busy playing Single Parent, so I haven't done much more than even think about it.  Maybe if I have time tonight...
There's also significance for it being the first of August.  Like my specifically choosing to eat chicken nuggets at McDonald's for lunch (#notchickfila).  You can read a well-written blog post here about the issue.  And that's that.
What's your typical First of the Month routines?

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