Friday, August 31, 2012

Perfect Ten

It’s that time of month again.  My boy is now Ten Months old as of yesterday.  He’s had a big month.

No status reports on measurements, but I’m sure he’s gotta be at least 20lbs by now.  We’ve been trying to fatten this boy up so he gets out of the 28 percentile in weight. 
He’s now eating four meals a day.  And he’s finally started eating finger foods successfully.  He enjoys Gerber’s Puffs now and knows immediately what to do with them.  Before, he hesitated but now he picks them up and puts them right into his mouth.  And it used to get messy as he would push bits out of his mouth as he chewed but he’s gotten better about keeping it all in his mouth.

We’ve also given him some Gerber’s Yogurt bites too and those are still messy, and sticky.  But he likes those too.  That’s about all so far for finger foods though.  I’ve tried some diced apples but he doesn’t bother with those yet.  Won’t even touch ‘em.  Hopefully that will be a triumph this next month.
He’s been walking around like crazy, assisted of course.  He’s scaling all the furniture and walls to get from room to room.  He enjoys his “Dino” walker that my parents have at their place.  And we decided to get him this “Cars” themed ride-along/walker for our place too.  We thought about getting it for his first birthday but I couldn’t resist giving it to him right away.

Now, a few words from Lucas!
This month I’ve gotten much faster crawling around and walking along the walls.  I’ve even surprised the cats a few times by sneaking up on them.

I went to my first baseball game this month!  And I was such a big boy by staying awake the whole game.  I had a great time cheering on the team and flirting with all the ladies.

And I sure missed Dada a bunch this month.  He was gone away for work for a total of 14 days.  But Mama and I were able to get by without burning the house down.

And now, I’m working on more teeth.  I’m having trouble sleeping at night because my top teeth are working their way through.  So by next month I should have a whole new smile!

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