Monday, August 20, 2012

Running with the Bulls

We had been wanting to go to a baseball game all Summer and finally got around to it.  So Lucas saw his first baseball game!  We went to see the Minor League Durham Bulls.

Highlights from the Game:

Waiting until the last minute to go and get tickets - and getting tickets in the last section they had available {SOLD OUT}.  Crappy tickets in Right field.

Enjoying a 24oz beer.

Squeezing into our itty bitty seats, with neighbors.  {Fortunately no one too large was next to us.}

Two Home Runs {with one RBI} in the second inning.

Enjoying a Pretzel with cheese!!!!

Adoring Lucas in his baseball outfit.

Tripping up the step while holding Lucas.  I was trying to stay to my side {right} while others came down and apparently the step didn't extend as far as I thought.  Down I went on my legs to break my fall.  I'm scraped up and bruised a bit on one knee and one shin, but I know you really just care about how Lucas is...  He's OKAY!  :)

Watching the visiting team take the lead with a ridiculous number of runs in the fifth inning...

Taking this cute photo and tweeting it to @DurhamBulls #BullsFanPhotos in hopes that it would end up on their digital board. {If it did make it up there it was after we left.}

Enjoying a strawberry sno-cone.  {Eh, by the time I got to the flavored ice that was near the bottom my mouth was way too cold to even taste the flavor.}

Having to sit through another four innings without taking back the lead.

Watching the mascot, Wool E. Bull, run out during a break with a line of young kids following him also dressed as little bulls!!  HOW CUTE!!

Hard to see, I know.  But little kids dressed up as little Bull Mascots!

Lucas staying awake the ENTIRE game.  Not one nap!

Watching my son flirt with the young ladies around us, and watching their ovaries itch at the sight of him.  :)

Losing to the visiting team.  But I hear they won the Sunday game.

Stopping in the gift shop as we left and getting Lucas an infant baseball cap!  Still a bit big but he should be able to wear it next season.

Spending some family time together. :)

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