Wednesday, September 5, 2012

The Latest: Terrie

Well, Sadie the Saturn has gone bye-bye and now we have Terrie the Terrain.

Terrie is a new 2012 GMC Terrain in a pretty pretty blue.  :)

We chose to downsize slightly for improved MPG but still wanted some decent cargo space for Miley whenever we need to travel.  We got rid of the third row seat and opted for a 4-cylinder. 

Something you didn't know...when I was car shopping for my very first *NEW* car five years ago I wanted a blue car.  I was actually disappointed in the Saturn Outlook because we ended up with a red one.  But it grew on me eventually.

And yes, Nessie the Nissan is also {dark} blue.

My very first car was an old Ford Escort [Ester] and was also a {light} blue.  After that was Cammie the Camry, but in a beigish-gray I think?  Then Sadie the Saturn was next.  So now, I'm back to blue.

It must have been fate, because I wanted my Terrain to be blue, and when we finally went to the dealership they had this one blue one out of over a dozen, and it happened to be the cheapest - FATE!

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  1. That does sound like fate! I don't think I would ever be able to drive something that big, I am used to the little sports cars. I have the worst luck with cars. I am actually going to chevrolet in grand rapids this week because I just blew my engine. I should probably go for something a little more efficient and stay away from the sports cars. Thanks for sharing!


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