Thursday, August 16, 2012

Show and Tell

The Show and Tell item?  That would be my son.

Yeah, apparently he is toted from classroom to classroom at daycare.  He doesn't just stay in the infant room.  Apparently everyone just loves to show him off.

Now, I know I keep exhausting this topic, but I only mention it again in such a short time frame because this scenario happened.

I went to pick up Lucas from school again today per usual.  As soon as I walk through the door the owner, Erika, snatches me up for a chat. 

Erika: "I just wanted you to know, that Lucas is the most popular kid in this place.  All the teachers love him.  All the other kids love him.  And {as her young daughter walks by} even my daughter wants to eat him right up.  I went into the infant room this morning and I didn't see him.  I asked "Where's Lucas?" and they said Such-and-Such-Teacher took him into her classroom.  They love to take him around to all their classes because he's just the happiest baby... So anyway, I just wanted you to know everyone loves him!"

Now, yes, I definitely knew that.  But now I know how all the big kids know Lucas so well.  It's not just from the mornings when we drop him off in the one room where all kids are collected until more teachers and kids show up. 

Hubby and I aren't sure exactly how we feel about him being carted from class to class though.  I mean, it's gotta be a bit difficult to keep tabs on him, and that's a whole lot more opportunities to get illnesses.  Hmm, maybe we should be signing some sort of permission slip allowing him to take trips to the big kids' rooms?

Anywho, as I was walking down the hall with him I chose to actually let him walk down the hall as opposed to carrying him.  I held his little hand in mine and we slowly {slowly} walked down the hallway. I wish I could've taken a picture of us!  Another Mom with her two big-kid sons were coming up behind us.

Other BoyMom: "Ah, look at him walking."
Oldest BoySon: "THAT'S Lucas!"

So yeah, I keep bringing it up, but it amazes us how loveable he is with so many people!

The closest I could get to a nose-picking shot.  He's so fast...  And he was really digging here.

Hiya there!  Oh, and Hello Box! {I actually tossed a toy in the box and told him to "FETCH!"...and he did!}

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