Monday, August 13, 2012

I told you it would stick

Way back when, it was either when I was still pregnant with Lucas or shortly after he was born, I was contemplating his nicknames.  Remember we had already planned on calling him Luke?
Well, I recall a day when my parents were with us and the converstation stumbled upon this topic. 
"He's my wittle Luke-y."
"NO!", both Hubby and my Dad had said. 
"That's too much like loogie...that's an awful nickname to have."
I just smiled and knew that that was true, but nonetheless you couldn't get around it.
As I've mentioned before I am fond of Lucas' daycare.  He's usually the first infant to get dropped off in the mornings and at that time there is usually anywhere from one to four other "big kids" already there. 
It started out with them saying "Baby!...a BABY."  "Yeah, that's Lucas", the teacher would say.
Eventually it became, "Lucas is HERE!"
His face would always beam with smiles.  :)
The other week I finally heard it.  "Luke-yLUKE-Y! wanna come play?!"
Uh oh.  Haha.  Wait til Hubby hears this.
I knew it was inevitable.  When getting all lovey-dovey about things like children do people always end up adding the "-y" to things. 
Doggy.  Kitty.  Mommy.  Daddy.
Needless to say, it wasn't me.  I didn't do it.  The big kids started it.  :)
On a side note, I often wonder what my son does all day at school.  Soo many of the big kids seem to know him.  How is that?  He's in the infant room. 
One day last week I was picking him up.  It was about a quarter to closing time because that's when the teachers gather all the big kids and have them wait in the hallway with their things, so they are ready when their parents come get them.  I was leaving with Lucas and wading through all the big kids down the hallway.  Then you hear it.
"Luke-y!"  "There's Lucas."  "He's my favorite of the babies."  "Bye Luke-y!"
Made me smile.  That kid must get around.

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