Sunday, December 11, 2011

His Majesty

His Majesty would be Lucas, especially the past few days.  GROWTH SPURT - yet again.  Last time all he wanted to do was eat and sleep, but this time he just wanted to eat and NOT sleep.  (Except at night, he still sleeps soundly through the night, and yes, I'm going to rub it in!)

 So the last few days have been a bit more exhausting.  No time to do anything but feed and feed and feed His Majesty.  And of course, the first day of this growth spurt Daddy was out of town for work and got home late in the evening.  As soon as he walked in that door the shift changed.  Have fun Daddy!!  ...that would have been nice but no, I still helped out.
And the second day fortunately Daddy was home.  YAY!!  So I got to go run a few errands, did some Christmasy stuff, got a book from the library, but oh, I forgot to pick up stamps.  Add that to the next list...  But at least I got a break!  So for Daddy he may have been a little devilish.  Hehe.  Wouldn't that have been fun for Daddy?
The decorative bibs you see in this blog, and you may see others in the future, are courtesy of Friends and Family from one of our baby showers.  Don't they look like they were made with LOTS of LOVE?

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