Sunday, December 18, 2011

12 Days of Christmas Challenge: Day Five

Five Golden Rings: Decor and Baubles

Again, we are having a "small" Christmas at my house this year since we are actually going to celebrate at our families' homes instead of ours.  So I decided not to get carried away and break out everything from our Christmas storage boxes. 

In addition to our Christmas tree (which by the way, we added a few more special ornaments from my parents), I also have the wreath hanging from our door outside.  It was a great find from last year and I kinda like it.  I also have a Santa standing up in our entrance/foyer.  He's cute.

Of course, we also have our stockings up.  We do have a mantle but it's kind of small and we have our recliner sitting in front of it with no way to really position it temporarily.  So I am hanging our stockings from our entertainment center - it totally has a huge "mantle" at the top and looks even better with them hanging from it anyway. 

The three stockings in the middle are the most special as I made them myself several years ago when I got married.  I also have a matching tree skirt which is still in the works Mom was making it for me because it seemed to be a bit more complicated for me, she's the expert!  BUT...she never finished it.  It's still at her house though pieced together waiting for some TLC to complete it.  It hasn't been too big of a deal the past few years since we've had a small artificial tree.  Hopefully we can get it completed after this Christmas so that we can get a real big tree to showcase the tree skirt next year!

Back to the stockings however!  The red one is for my Hubby, the green one for me (my favorite color) and thus the golden one would be little Lucas' stocking.  Off to the sides are some furrfriendly stockings; to the left with the doggy on it of course belongs to our Miley Jane.  To the right would be a joint stocking for our cats, Oliver and Elijah.  And the stockings are hung by some cute holders.  (Disregard my dying plant on top!)

I also have a huge nativity scene that I really didn't think I had the room to set up this year, BUT it's such a great set that I found a place for it so I can show it off.  We never use our dining room table anyway!  I picked up this set several years ago when we lived in Wisconsin.

That's pretty much what I have for decor this year and hopefully next year we can have something bigger and better.  Check out more about this blog hop here.

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