Friday, December 16, 2011

12 Days of Christmas Challenge: Day Four

Four Calling Birds: Holiday Cards

We typically send out the generic holiday cards that come in those boxed packs that are really cheap.  No reason to get all fancy, right?  It's only on those rare special occasions that we splurge.  So over the last six years that my hubby and I have been married we have only customized two cards for the holidays.  We've only had two special occasions in that time...well, three really, but we didn't send out a holiday card the year we got married.  Enough money was spent in 2005!

2007: The year we adopted my Miley Jane from a lovely farm.  We lived in Wisconsin at the time and had settled into our new home.  We had my orange tabby, PeeWee, who was nearly 15 years old (and coincidentally she was also born on Christmas all those years ago).  I had her FOREVER.

Miley was, of course, named after the famous singer...  She's half Border Collie and the other half consists of one eighth German Shepard, one eighth Rottweiler, and the final quarter is a mixture of two Labs.  Everyone of course notices the German Shepard.

So to the right is our Holiday Card for 2007.  Don't hate on the outfits I made them wear!

2011: The year our son, Lucas, was born.  Writing this makes it sound like it was so long ago, but he's not even seven weeks old yet.  I actually already posted a blog about this Holiday Card just last week.

I chose three photos in progression, starting with my lovely Maternity days resulting in our brand new baby and then ending with a soft photo of his feet in my hubby's hand.  (I took so many pictures just to get the right shot!)

I haven't actually sent out this year's card just yet, but it should be out in the mail by tomorrow.  I know y'all are anxious to get it.  Now that we are a family we may need to think about creating customized Holiday Cards every year from here on out.  I'm actually looking forward to it!

Happy Blog Hopping - continue to check out the rest of the 12 Days of Christmas Challenge and view others through here.

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