Wednesday, December 14, 2011

12 Days of Christmas Challenge: Day Two

Two Turtle Doves: Loved Ones

This year we live centrally in the state and so now we are in the middle of both sets of families.  A very BIG plus.  So now it's just a few hours to visit either grandparents.

The plan this Christmas is to visit my family first, spending Christmas Eve and Christmas morning with them.  Hopefully we will be enjoying a scrumptious deep-fried turkey this year on Christmas Eve!  I hope they like their gifts.

Then late morning we will be treking back near our house to visit my in-laws.  We won't actually be going all the way to my in-laws house but instead we will be celebrating at my sister-in-law's home, and fortunately she lives nearby.  So just a few short hours and we should be at her place Christmas afternoon.  Just in time to exchange our set of gifts and eat another yummy Christmas meal.  Hmm, what will we have there?  Maybe a nice ham?  Or another turkey?  Can't wait to find out...I'm getting hungry!

Unfortunately I don't have too many Christmas family photos that are digital, but this Christmas you better believe we will take tons.  So I'll leave you now with a family photo from Christmas' Past!

Totally 80's...soooo, I'm holding a JEM doll!
Again, don't forget to try out the 12 Days of Christmas Challenge yourself. Check out the details here.

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  1. That family photo can only be described with one word: AWESOME!


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