Thursday, January 31, 2013

Fun at the Museum

Earlier this month the family went to the museum.

We dressed Lucas in his cape outfit.  We love that one, haha.

And then we went to the Museum of Life + Science.  It was the very last weekend for their special Winter Wonderland exhibit.  They had the model trains set up in miniature scenes.  They even had Thomas and friends!

They had famous landmarks as well.

Lucas got to press the buttons to make the trains sound.

Then we walked throughout the rest of the museum.  He learned sciency-stuff with Dada.

We got to see a bunch off different animals.

Gorgeous owls!

Dada LOVES snakes...not so much.  He wouldn't even get near them.

But Lucas definitely knew what the turtles were.  He had to point them out.  :)

Then he and Dada went into a small space shuttle.

Hi from space!


We went into the infant/toddler area and saw some very intriguing puzzles.

And the boy insisted on trying to climb UP the slide.  :)

But most of all, his favorite spot in the whole museum was the little kitchen area.  He enjoyed feeding all the animals in their cages and the stable.

It was quite a long afternoon, and we ready to get a nap in once we got home.  It was a good day!

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