Sunday, February 24, 2013

My MFP - One year later

At the end of February 2012 I joined the MyFitnessPal community.  It's an app I use on my phone {and I also enjoy the website itself} as a calorie counter in order to watch what I eat.

I started out strong the first three months losing over ten pounds.  WTG Trisha!!!   This put me at officially losing all my baby weight.  I had gained about fifty pounds in total; forty of which just came off within the first few months between, of course, having the baby, and then lack of eating and taking care of myself because I'm so focused on baby.  That's one way to do right?  Haha.  And then I finally got those last few pounds.

But then I tapered off and my usage stopped.  It appears to be right around the time I started a new job.  {Gotta have excuses, right??}  So I plateaued for another five or so months.  Then gained a few pounds back {5!} last October and decided to pick up where I left off.

Two months back in and I lost around seven pounds before the holidays.  I know what you're thinking...the HOLIDAYS, ARGH!  Yeah well, I actually did very well for myself.  I behaved.  ::gasp::

And since then I've been very dedicated to counting my calories.  No cheating myself.  If I go overboard I still enter what I ate.  I don't take a day off during the week to not report.  I may take a day to splurge, but still record it.  I even ate at Golden Corral one day and made my very best attempt to input everything.  It wasn't as difficult as I thought.

I've had a few friends also join and it's the same thing.  They do well for awhile and then just stop using.  I see your inactivity people...tsk tsk.  ;)  

Now to clarify - this is NOT a New Year's resolution.  And frankly, if it were I think I would have given up on it by now.  :)

So, now that it's been a year later here is where I'm at!!  23 POUNDS LOST!  I was hoping to hit a nice and round 25, but I just haven't been able to lose even one pound the past two to three weeks.  And sorry, I have no before and after photos.


Moving forward however I think will get more difficult, as it's already seemed obvious this past month.  I believe I may be near the end of where counting my calories will no longer be as effective. still need to exercise...  And I'm terrible at that.  So the next baby steps will be for me to add exercise to my routine.  

Here's the thing about me and exercise though.  I. Don't. Like. It.  :(

I've tried a variety of things.  

Going to the gym.  I just can't make myself take the time to leave the house and work out for at least an hour when there is so much to do at home, especially with an infant.  I have gotten the support from Hubby to do so.  However I just can't get myself to manage it.  So that's out.

Workout videos.  Yes, I've spent a lot of money to get some of those DVD series to jump around and burn off the fat.  While the PRO would be I can do this from home it's just that the CON would be this:  I have to actually pay attention to the exercise routines and learn them and accomplish them in order to move on to the next DVD in the series and repeat.  Ugh.  I just don't want to have to put that much effort into it.  So that's out.

Walking.  Around the neighborhood that is.  I did that some when I was pregnant {mostly at the end trying to get that boy outta me}.  And a little bit afterward, strolling Lucas along with Hubby.  But it's almost like going to the gym.  I just don't like taking the time to go out to do it.  Plus, if I get a mile out and I'm done-done, I still have to walk the mile back.  :(

I've come to the conclusion that my best bet is to acquire my very own piece of exercise equipment.  If I get an exercise bike or stair step or something I can put it up in the bonus room right in front of the TV.  PRO: if I get a mile out I can just stop, I don't have to worry about walking another mile just to get back.  It's also monotonous/repetitive so that I don't really have to think about it.  I just do it.  No routines to think about.  So with that I can also become more efficient by watching one of my DVR'd hour-long shows at the same time.  MULTI-TASKING!!!  Another PRO.  I think a bike would be best so that I can just trek along as I watch CSI, take a few breaks here and there, and before I know it I'll have burned a ton of calories in approximately 52 minutes!  Yes, I think that would be my best option.

Now, I just need to acquire that piece of equipment.  Preferably at no cost...

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