Wednesday, January 30, 2013

15 Months Accomplished

Well, another three months have passed, meaning another visit to the pediatrician!

The poor boy had to get shots.  Again.  :(  But he was a real trooper - no crying!

And check back on his previous measurements here.

And now, without further adieu, here's the rundown on Lucas' measurements this time around.

Weight: 21lb 11.5oz - just shy of 22lb!  (36%)
Length: 31 1/2 inches (61%)
Head: 46.5cm (42%)

Still not packing the pounds on.  I mean, he looks like he is - he's just not showing it on the charts.  But he's definitely a little taller.

As far as changes since his birthday.  Hmm...  He's definitely more active and chatty.  He is OFF the walls!  ALL the time.  He has just started really walking around three weeks before his first birthday, so imagine another three months - he's a Pro.

We've definitely noticed how bright he is.  He understands us very well.  Listening, well, that's debatable.  Ha.  He tests Hubby and I on a regular basis.  He can tell what's right and wrong, but still feels the need to see how far he can push us.  Dada may be able to get pushed around, but Mama fights back with Tough Love.   His personality is blooming.  He's definitely still the "Happy Baby" he's always been.

Still has only seven teeth; which I believe is where we were at around his birthday.  He's possibly working on a back molar now.  But definitely teething.

His appetite still fluctuates though.  Just when I think we've made it over the hurdle with a new food the next time around he just doesn't want it.  Chicken nuggets, for example.  One night he managed to eat three of them {quite the accomplishment, believe me}.  The next time around he just played with 'em.  :(  This mama gets easily discouraged too.  I can't believe I have a picky eater...  But Hubby can be picky sometimes too.

The one thing I can count on {although briefly there he refused them as well} are the Beech-Nut Fruities.  Self-feeding is the best!  And he loves 'em.  If nothing else I know he'll get his fruits and veggies.  I just want him to get more protein, ya know?

The past three months we've got to celebrate the holidays, both Thanksgiving and Christmas.  He definitely got the hang of present unwrapping this year {considering he was only two months old his first Christmas}.

He's also played in the snow for the first time!!  Didn't last too long.  He didn't know quite how to walk in that stuff.

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