Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Happy Birthday Lucas!


I just can't believe it...  It's like one year ago he wasn't here yet, and then he was!  OMG.  ;)

This past Saturday we had the boy's birthday party.  Of course we had to go with a Disney Cars theme.  And of course I went overboard with the party stuff.  But it was worth it.  And we had a blast.

I first want to thank all the family and friends that came.  And then apology to those that couldn't.  You see, we have a tiny house that we rent with limited space.  So we only invited the immediate family this year.  But next year we hope to be able to invite everyone.  So thank you again to everyone who made his party GREAT.

The party supplies...geez.  I have to admit it was probably in excess of $100 if I bothered to pull out the receipts.  But for my sake I won't.  The bulk of it all I got from CelebrateExpress.com with a discount code, of course.  And I chose to customize a banner.  BEST IDEA EVER!  I love it.  And I just might use it every year.

I did end up picking up a few more things here and there from Amazon and my local Party Store.  And the cake...geez times three.  Hehe.  I didn't want to do a huge sheet cake since we were having a small gathering.  And I knew I needed to get a "smash cake" as well.  I went to a few of my local grocers and ended up with Kroger.  I went to place my order and decided on one dozen cupcakes {just so I could use the cupcake tier I got!}, a half-sheet cake which I decorated myself with the fun candles...and then butchered the icing-writing {oops}, and then I saw that they made huge cupcakes.  That was perfect for his smash cake!  Just the right size, and I had another little candle for that one too. 

So on to the photos!

And I had to end it with that final picture.  He did not enjoy the cake...if you couldn't tell from the photos.  He actually didn't even want to touch it; we had to pretty much put his hands in it.  And then he kept trying to rub his eyes.  Such a long afternoon - of FUN!

UPDATE: Don't want to forget about his 12 month wellness check.  Here were his measurements:

Weight: 20lb 5.5oz (36%)
Length: 29 1/4 inches (60%)
Head: 46cm (45%)

That's all folks!

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