Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Home Sweet Home

An obvious title of course...

Just before Lucas' first birthday Hubby and I started getting serious about house hunting.  And since I had been looking online for some time and we already new the area we were targeting it was easy to put some choices together for our Realtor to show us. 

We went one Sunday afternoon in October and looked at five houses.  The very first one we saw was the one I really really really wanted to see first - and it set the bar.  It was also the one we {I} fell in love with and had to have!

Hubby was back and forth a lot those past two months traveling for work, and he had to head out again shortly after our viewings.  We discussed the very real possibility that we wanted to put an offer on our Dream Home.  So with him away at work I went with my Realtor for a second viewing.  We went through the house for about two hours that time looking over everything {our agent is very thorough}.

It was a very great deal, with a lot of upgrades and a large lot.  Pretty much exactly everything we could ask for, the exception being an outdoor building for Hubby's race car.  Too bad.  We bought our very first home just for the garage.  This time around I got what I wanted.  :)

So of course we put in our offer and made some exchanges and finally clinched the house.  We went through the tedious paperwork for our lender and closing, etc.  Bah.

The week of Thanksgiving we closed, and by Black Friday we had moved in.

It was nice to be in our own home just in time for the Holidays.


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