Thursday, December 27, 2012

You can't get There from Here

Seriously.  My new house is non-GPS-able.  That can have its advantages {like unwelcome guests} but mostly it can be a hindrance.  It's just that my neighborhood is so new and not yet released back to the city, thus not included in any maps.
I've had to get several service people in to set us up, Dish, CenturyLink, as well as visitors.  So it requires a bit of explaining to give directions in a modern time where GPS is the norm.  People just assume that they have my address so they can plug it into their GPS.  Good luck with that I say.  :)  Fortunately we aren't too far off the main highway, and I can just give a nearby church or cross-street as a reference point for people to at least plug that into their GPS. 
But that meant a lot of headache for online Christmas shopping.  Even FedEx couldn't find me!  Shouldn't they have super satellite GPS systems or something??  I ordered my holiday cards from Shutterfly and they were supposed to deliver to the house Saturday, December 1st, but never made it.  Didn't show up Monday either.  Finally had to call FedEx about it - and give them directions.  Of course eventually they found me because you've all seen my card.  :)  

Fortunately the local FedEx office must have saved the directions to my house.  I did have another one or two items shipped out that made it to the house without any problems.  I haven't had anything come in by UPS yet so I don't know what kind of problems they would have.  Won't it be fun to find out?!

Hope everyone is enjoying their holidays!

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