Sunday, October 28, 2012

The Spirit of October

There is a lot to the month of October but I think what you see most often is Pumpkins.

Of course with pumpkins you get a whole lot of the color orange, anything and everything Halloween, especially CANDY!

But back to the Spirit of October, which I love to think, Pumpkins.

My Mom {Nana} and I took Lucas to his very first pumpkin patch.  I can't really include the one [we] went to last year even though he was in my bellah.  So this year we went to a real pumpkin patch!  I say real because they drove us out to the actual patch and we roamed around until we saw our pumpkins.

First things first, it was a sunny day that turned out to be a bit too warm, and we had been bundled in our jackets to start.  We started out on a hayride to get us to the patch. 

We made a stop along the way to visit some farm animals.

Then we reached our destination and scoured around for the perfect pumpkins!  Now that Lucas can walk he got to do a bit of walking in the patch, but just a bit because there are way too many vines.

We made a return trip on another hayride back to the entrance.  They also had some kid activities like a bouncy house, but the boy can't enjoy that just yet.  But we got to enjoy some yummy apple cider when we left. 

That same weekend Lucas got an early birthday present from Nana and Grandpa.  It was a Fisher Price Laugh & Learn Learning Home and it's big enough that it gets to stay at their place for him to play with when he visits.

Then Nana and I took Lucas out shopping for some new {real} shoes now that he's walking all over the place.  We got him a cool Stride-Rite pair.  And then we found a mini-carousel at the mall too.  So Lucas got to ride on it.  First, the boat and then the train.  He really enjoyed that.

And that concluded our weekend fun!

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